Rules for Arizona’s Original Medical Marijuana Farmers Markets


 HOW do I get a table at the Medical Farmers Market?


You must be authorized to cultivate in Arizona as a Medical Marijuana patient or caregiver to offer medical cannabis (buds, flowers and concentrates) at the market.

You need to be an authorized  AZ medical marijuana Patient  to offer medical cannabis infused edibles, in addition, you will be REQUIRED to present a food handlers card.  We offer edibles only tables to patients who are no longer allowed to cultivate. These tables require that you have a food handler’s card and a patient card.  You can buy any table but you can only offer edibles or non-cannabis items without cultivation rights.

AZ MMJ Patients and caregivers will now be allowed to offer cannabis extracts and concentrates. “For consumers, the safest concentrates are produced by — those that grow their own medicine and can reliably state that no pesticides or foliar sprays were used.”  (excerpt from , April 10, 2014)

We are looking for reliable testing facilities to test our medicine so patients can have Safe access!  Only Cultivators can give away flowers and concentrates at our markets.

*** Our concern IS and has always been about patient safety.  Our concern is about potentially dangerous residual solvents in the finished product with certain methods of testing.  

So far, the local testing facility, has offered to test for residuals in concentrates @ $50/ and they require 1/2 (half) gram of product.  We will accept results from other legitimate MMJ testing companies as well. 

At our market we give away SMALL AMOUNTS of cannabis with the purchase of a non-cannabis item.

Our markets are open to patients with a valid Arizona Medical Marijuana Card.

We want to keep everyone involved safe so, to reiterate,

our guidelines for your review…

Please be aware of the REQUIREMENT~

Everyone and anyone who offers edibles for more than 4 people will be REQUIRED to present a food handlers card As of Oct 27, 2013 It’s Mandatory in an effort to offer our patients the safest, medicated edibles.


1)    Read the Rules. (except disregard #9 since we now allow solvent tested extracts from cultivators)

Remember our motto, the cannabis is free.  

The cannabis is free!!!  This is how we do what we do.

Your table should represent that.

Your language and what “you say” at your table should represent that as well! Whoever represents your table should understand how the cannabis is free. The cannabis is free!

2)  Then fill out the APPLICATION.  (Give as much detail as you can).

3)  Wait for a confirmation email or phone call giving you permission to either purchase a table and helping you with the newest compliance plan.

4)  Want to host a table?  Fees now start at $50 at our VFW markets.  Need help with table host fees?

Check here, check our FB page to find someone to share a table.

Morning of the market Requirements:

1)      You should have your valid, current, AZ MMJ card. No paper work allowed.

2)      If you will only have edibles at your table, you don’t need cultivation rights but bring your valid AZ MMJ card and please present your current food handler’s card for review as well.

3)      Bring Signage for your table that describes the current raffle or compliance plan being used.

4)      At our market we give away SMALL AMOUNTS of cannabis with the purchase of a non-cannabis item.


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